Canadian Truckers Expect First Victory: Alberta Covid Mandates Could be Lifted [Tweet]

The Canadian trucker convoy protestors who have made headlines around the world are hoping for their first success, with Alberta lawmakers meeting with members of a group blocking the Montana/Alberta border soon.

Demonstrators voted to open one lane of traffic across the border in exchange for the removal of all rural Alberta mandates and vaccine passports, according to a video taken by Rebel News reporter Kian Simone.

“Rural MLAs are meeting at 2pm to discuss lifting ALL mandates, in rural Alberta,” Simone writes after posting the video online. “That’s if the truckers open a lane to the border. The truckers will be opening one lane, on standby to make sure the MLAs keep their word, they will shut it back down if not.”

“If they do not meet our requests, then that border is shut down immediately,” one of the group’s leaders assured the others.

Hoping to show the politicians that they want to work with them in ending the blockade, the truckers opened a lane at the border in good faith that the mandates will be lifted.

After politicians received a bombardment of phone calls from residents, the meeting was postponed. The truckers were caught on camera praying for people who were taking part in the protest. The outcome of the discussion should be made public as soon as possible.

Forsided, 03.02.2022
Source: Infowars

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