Canadian Province Official: Covid Restrictions to End Soon [Video]

The Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan Scott Moe said it’s time to get ‘back to normal’ and vows to end Covid restrictions ‘very soon’.

The provincial government of Saskatchewan in Canada has announced that all of its Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted soon, claiming that locals are tired of intrusions into their life and a continual sense of panic brought on by the pandemic.

“Covid is not ending, but government restrictions on your rights and freedoms – those will be ending, and ending very soon,” Moe said in a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday night. “What’s necessary is your freedom. What’s necessary is getting your life back to normal, and it’s time.”

The public health order that established Saskatchewan’s Covid restrictions is scheduled to expire later this month, but it still mandates masking in public spaces, proof of vaccination or a negative test result for government employees, and obligatory self-isolation for anyone who tests positive for the virus.

The measures would be terminated, according to the premier, not because “Covid has ended”, but because “people understand it better.”

“They understand what they need to do. They understand the risk and they are prepared to live with that risk, more than they are prepared to live with the ongoing government intrusion into their lives,” he continued, adding that a “perpetual state of crisis” has had a “harmful impact on everyone” over the last two years.

At that time, the government will stop releasing weekly information on new Covid cases, deaths, testing, and immunizations, as well as walk-in and drive-through test facilities that were previously open to the public.

Forsided, 04.02.2022
Source: RT News

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