Canadian Crashes His Car Into Freedom Convoy Protesters [Video]

Four individuals were hit by an SUV in Winnipeg, Canada, during a demonstration against coronavirus restrictions. All of them survived, with one of the victims being sent to the hospital. The driver was taken into custody.

A 42-year-old Canadian man is facing multiple criminal charges after driving his Jeep Patriot through a group of protesters in Winnipeg on Friday night, injuring four people.

The suspect fled the scene at high speed after plowing into the crowd, breaking many red lights, according to Winnipeg Police. According to a news statement, he was eventually tracked down and arrested after a “brief struggle.”

The suspect struck four adult males who were part of the Freedom Convoy protest at the Legislature Grounds, according to police. Three of the victims had minor injuries, while the fourth was transported to the hospital and later released.

The event occurred during the Freedom Convoy demonstration, which has swept well beyond Canada’s capital in the last week. Protesters have promised to stay in the streets until all mandates and Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Forsided, 07.02.2022
Source: Infowars

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