28-Year-Old Woman Severely Injured by mRNA-Vaccine [Video]

“They said it would protect me, they said it would protect others, they said it could save us,” says a 28-year-old woman from the United Kingdom who is asking for support after receiving a serious reaction to her first dose of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

Katrina Hermez, an entrepreneur and painter, has shared her story on the Instagram post and is seen in a hospital bed having a seizure, one of many negative effects she had after receiving an mRNA vaccine last year.

The woman previously regarded herself as a “really healthy 28-year-old girl,” now regrets being convinced to get the vaccine after experiencing severe side effects five days after her first shot on June 27, 2021.

“In June 27th 2021 I made the decision like millions of other people to have the Pf👁zer 💉 because I believed, (as don’t forget…we were told) this would protect us and the people around us. Now a proven lie,” she wrote in a caption accompanying her post, using emojis to bypass censors.

Hermez, who claims she used to “run nearly every day” before requiring a wheelchair and assistance to walk, claims she is being ignored by doctors who are afraid of blaming her condition on the vaccine.

“I’ve come to a point in this suffering where I don’t care what medical science you have read on Google, which book you’re going by, which doctor’s surgery has set this agenda, or which news channel you’ve watched… I am being neglected by medical professionals scared to lose their jobs,” she says adding, “I am v 💉 injured.”

In the face of enormous gaslighting pro-vaccine propaganda and censorship by the establishment, Hermez says she wants her story to be told.

“I want my story to be heard to save others from this happening to them! They said it would protect me, they said it would protect others, they said it could save us, they said we need at least one, then two, now three… how many more until we’re all grieving??” she writes.

Forsided, 04.02.2022
Source: Infowars

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