Italians Angry After Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Supporters Included Into Liberation Day Parade [Video]

The inclusion of supporters of the Azov Battalion in this year’s march commemorating the end of fascism in Italy aroused local fury and international outrage, but organizers were indifferent.

Tensions erupted in Milan on Monday as a group of Ukrainian government supporters was allowed to march in the annual Liberation Day march commemorating the defeat of fascism in Italy, carrying NATO flags and banners with the neo-Nazi emblem of the notorious Azov Batallion.

“NATO, get out, of the march!” a group of enraged onlookers can be seen throwing expletives at the ‘Nazi sympathizers’.

According to reports, many in the Milan march were apparently uninformed of the Azov Battalion’s Nazi sympathies. Those who did apparently had no problems about marching alongside those displaying Nazi emblems, which the Azov’s Battalion’s black sun/wolfsangel design is basically entirely made up of.

Despite widespread and enthusiastic collaboration by Ukrainian nationalists with the Third Reich, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles, Ukrainian flags have been a common element of Liberation Day festivities across Italy this week.

Forsided, 28.04.2022
Source: Infowars

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