Macron’s First Public Appearance Since Reelection Was Showered With Tomatoes [Video]

During the French President’s first public appearance after being reelected on Sunday, Emmanuel Macron was welcomed with a shower of tomatoes.

On Wednesday morning, while visiting a market in the commune of Cergy in the Parisian suburbs, video shows Emmanuel Macron being attacked with tomatoes.

After the tomatoes started raining down, Macron’s security team quickly sheltered him with an umbrella. Before embarking on his trip to Cergy, Macron touted the visit as a kind of victory lap.

Despite overcoming conservative candidate Marine Le Pen in a 58 percent to 41 percent vote with a historically low turnout, France erupted in a series of riots and protests amid claims that the election was rigged, since Macron’s popularity rating is only 36 percent.

In the months leading up to the French election, Macron was routinely approached and criticized by French voters.

In 2021, for example, footage showed Macron being slapped in the face by an enraged citizen, who was later arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Forsided, 28.04.2022

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