Ukrainian Militants Kept Civilians As Hostages in Azovstal [Video]

The civilians who left Azovstal plant in Mariupol continue to share stories about how they lived all this time in the bomb shelter. According to one of the released woman, the Ukrainian nationalists simply did not let them go out.

According to one of the woman in the video below, Ukrainian soldiers kept saying, “Don’t go there. The city is burned down, nowhere to go.” They kept saying the same thing: “There are no houses, everything is destroyed. Don’t go there, bad guys are there, and they will hurt you.”

“We knew about the corridors because of the radio, as we’d catch waves, but we couldn’t get to them. We were held in the bunker and simply were not let out. We could hear on the radio “corridor, corridor”. But how? The militants were not letting us go,” the woman from Mariupol said.

She mentioned the soldiers telling her: “We’ll not let you out. There are bad people there, and they’ll shoot you dead.” In short – you can’t go there now. And they said it was for our safety, so come back to the bunker.

“I suspect that they came there with the goal of hiding behind civilians. My husband and I work at the steel factory. We came there on our own accord on 26 February, understanding that it’s a safe place. If I had known that this would happen there, I wouldn’t have gone there. We went there to save our lives,” said the woman who was released.

According to the woman, her family has decided unanimously that they don’t want to go to Ukraine. But if they decide to go back, then only to Mariupol and not to Ukraine.

“Let’s put it this way: I am a citizen of Ukraine, and Ukraine as a state has died for me. I was very offended that we were treated is such a way,” she added.

Forsided, 06.05.2022

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