UN and WEF to Push Agenda 2030 as Great Awakening Threats Them [Video]

In reaction to the Great Awakening taking place around the world, including Elon Musk’s push for free expression on the Internet, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are promoting Agenda 2030.

Agenda 2030, as previously stated, is a global system of total power centralization that influences everything from governments to economies.

“In other words, it’s not enough that they manipulate economies secretly by using national central banks as proxies; what they want is to stop hiding and to come out into the light as the magnanimous rulers they think they are,” wrote Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.

“The ultimate goal of full centralization is to erase the very idea of free markets and to allow a handful of people to micromanage every aspect of trade and business. It’s not just about influence, it’s about economic empire,” he added.

They intend to do it in part through a concept known as the “sharing economy,” in which people own less and less property.

According to Smith, the sharing economy is essentially a communistic economy, but distilled down to a bizarre minimalism even people who lived in the Soviet Union did not have to experience. The structure is described as a kind of commune based society in which people live in Section 8-style housing, with shared kitchens, shared bathrooms, and barely any privacy.

“All property is rented, or borrowed. All cars are borrowed and shared, most transit is mass transit, basic personal items such as computers, phones, and even cooking utensils might be shared or borrowed items. As the WEF says, you will own nothing,” he added.

Given how unnatural this quality of life is, it should come as no surprise that the globalists are launching an all-out war against free expression on the Internet, as they don’t want too much resistance to spread.

Forsided, 06.05.2022

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