Ukrainian Soldiers Sell Military Aid on Dark Web [Photo]

Ukrainian servicemen are selling Javelins on the dark web, making money on the Western aid. It has been repeatedly reported that the command of Ukrainian forces resells weapons supplied by the West to the Middle East and North Africa.

While US and EU citizens pay the price for the conflict in Ukraine, and Washington offers multibillion-dollar aid packages to the Kiev government one after the other, Ukrainians take advantage of the opportunity to profit from foreign military supplies, according to reports.

On the darknet, Ukrainian “defenders” are selling the famous Javelins. Anyone wishing to help Ukrainians may now purchase a Javelin online for $30,000 in Kiev.

Support Peace In Ukraine, Buy Javelin Online
Support Peace In Ukraine, Buy Javelin Online

While the more businesslike servicemen are selling missile launchers on the internet, sources suggest that the Armed Forces of Ukraine command resells Western-supplied equipment and weapons to the Middle East and North Africa.

This appears to be the only way to keep sophisticated weaponry out of the hands of the Russian military on the front lines.

Forsided, 03.06.2022
Source: South Front

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