Dutch Farmers Gain People’s Support in Protests [Videos]

Dutch farmers angry at government plans to slash emissions are using tractors and trucks to blockade supermarket distribution centers. The Netherlands’ busiest aviation hub, Schiphol Airport, urged travelers to use public transport to get to its terminals amid fears that the blockades also would target airports. Fishermen acting out of solidarity with farmers also blocked a number of harbors.

Dutch farmers protest on streets because the country’s government tries to cut their livestock to meet climate goals, WinePress reports.

The unrest among Dutch farmers was triggered by a government proposal to slash emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxide and ammonia by 50 per cent by 2030. Provincial governments have been given a year to formulate plans to achieve the goal. That is expected to lead to reducing livestock and buying up some farms whose livestock produce large amounts of ammonia. Farmers argue they are being unfairly targeted and shown little concern for their futures.

Over the weekend, the government appointed an intermediary to lead talks between farmers’ organizations and officials drawing up pollution reduction measures. However, Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, has ruled out negotiating with farmers responsible for radical protests.

Traffic authorities warned motorists to prepare for delays and possible slow-moving tractors on the nation’s highways, but said that there were few problems early Monday for commuters, possibly because many people opted to work from home rather than get stuck in traffic. 


Mainstream farming lobby group LTO specified there are nearly 54,000 agricultural businesses in the Netherlands, with exports totaling 94.5 billion euros in 2019. The Dutch nation is home to over 100 million cattle, swine, and chickens. However, two months ago, it was reported that the Dutch government is investing in lab-grown faux meats for sale and consumption.  

“The government has admitted that some farms will have to shut down in areas which are particularly vulnerable to the impact of nitrogen-based pollution, much to the fury of radical farmers, known as the Farmers Defence Force,” Dutch News reported on June 19. 

Demonstrations began on the 22nd, with 20-30,000 protestors hitting the streets to rebel against the government’s compulsory climate edicts, leading to schools closing and road traffic being redirected. 

“We have always said we want to be part of constructive talks, but if you see the plan two years later, and nothing has been done with our contribution, then we have just been wasting time,” the protest organizer and dairy farmer, Jeroen van Maanen, told local news. 

So farmers have been blockading roads with their tractors and haybales on different roads and highways. The groups have alerted the public that there will be delays due to their protests.

Picture: Bloempje 2/14 (Twitter)

The police said on Twitter they had been unable to intervene because of the risk to officers’ own safety, but that they would now track down the perpetrators.

“The camera footage shows crimes were committed,” Police chief, Willem Woelders, said. 

Farmers don’t give up 

The farmers in the Netherlands are refusing to give up, and are seeing more civilians and advocacy groups join the protests in opposition to the government’s climate goals.

Many towing companies are not interested in towing the tractors and heavy vehicles, lest the public mark them, resulting in their businesses taking a hit. Other truckers and docking crews have also pledged to join the farmers. 

The protests have grown so much, and attendees continue to remain steadfast, Minister of Agriculture Henk Staghouwer has offered to sit down for negotiations by sometime next week, on the condition that the participants and leaders condemn their own demonstrations from last week.

“Police trade unions have sounded the alarm, stating that they will not be able to keep a massive nationwide sit-down strike, which the farmers, in conjunction with several truckers and dock workers, announced for Monday, July 4, under control,” Vision Times reported.  

The Vision Times added that despite the fact that Dutch media have been continually framing the farmers in an attempt to have them lose support from the common people, 75 percent of the Dutch population still support the farmers and their actions, according to the latest polls

Forsided, 04.07.2022
Source: Independent 

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