Exposed War Crimes in Ukraine: Civilian Found Executed [Video]

As the conflict with Russia continues, American military veteran and independent journalist Patrick Lancaster keeps documenting war crimes committed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF).

Patrick Lancaster has recorded the UAF shelling residential areas, looting people, and even killing them during the past two weeks.

A horrific video posted on Wednesday purports to be of the corpse of a Ukrainian civilian who was supposedly killed by the UAF.

Despite the fact that the Russian forces had only recently taken control of that region, Lancaster explained that the body had been rotting for at least a few weeks.

Three bullet wounds can be clearly seen in the skull of the deceased, whose head was wrapped in a plastic bag before being shot, in the terrible footage.

“This had to happen during the time this territory was controlled by Ukraine forces,” Lancaster told the camera. “So, it appears that Ukraine forces arrested this civilian man, put a plastic bag over his head, wrapped duct tape around his head and executed him and left his body to rot underneath this bridge.”

In the area where the body was found, Ukrainian military equipment and documents were scattered everywhere, as they had a base set up under the bridge.

A couple of weeks ago, Lancaster documented a chemical plant being struck by a Ukrainian missile before coming under fire from shelling himself.

Reporting from the center of Donetsk, Lancaster filmed the aftermath of shells that struck a steel plant and talked with civilians who confirmed the missiles came from Ukrainian-controlled territory.

More video reports by Patrick Lancaster on his YouTube channel.

Forsided, 04.07.2022
Source: Infowars

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