Dutch Police Fire at Farmers At Protest – Tanks Used in the Rally [Videos]

The Netherlands’ police used their service guns to shoot farmers who were protesting new environmental regulations. Video evidence showed police shooting at a tractor as it tried to escape from them, and a tank being delivered to a motorway.

Local police in the northern town of Heerenveen claim that after a stop, “trailer drivers attempted to drive into officers and service vehicles” during the incident that occurred late on Tuesday at a motorway entrance ramp.

“A threatening situation arose. Warning shots were fired and targeted shots were fired,” they said, adding that the tractor was hit and that three suspects were later stopped and arrested. Nobody was injured in the encounter.

However, video of the shooting has now emerged on social media and doesn’t seem to depict any ramming attempts. Instead, the video shows two vehicles leaving the area, none of which comes near to hitting with a pedestrian, and police shooting at the second vehicle as it speeds away.

Another video apparently filmed around the same time shows an officer with a pistol in hand as he issues commands to a tractor driver parked near the highway ramp, all the while aiming the weapon at the vehicle.

The run-in came during a wave of unrest among Dutch farmers, who have vocally opposed a government initiative to slash pollution emissions, including nitrogen oxide and ammonia, by 50% over the next eight years. 

Social media users have footage of Dutch farmers delivering a tank to a protest to block distribution centres.

Forsided, 06.07.2022
Source: RT

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