Provocations By Polish Warships, Planes & Submarines in The Area of Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction operator announced the increased activity of foreign warships, planes and submarines in the area of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

“We are talking about clearly planned and prepared provocations, both with the use of fishing vessels and warships, submarines and aircraft to obstruct the implementation of an economic project,” said Andrey Minin, director of the Kingisepp branch of Nord Stream 2 AG.

“This is perhaps the first and unprecedented case of this kind in history,” he said.

“On March 29, a Polish Navy warship (tactical number 823) carried out manoeuvres around Fortuna ship. In this situation, the support vessel“ Rescuer Karev ”was forced to follow a parallel course, escorting the warship.

Also, in the second half of March, the number of low-altitude flights over pipe-laying vessels by foreign aircraft increased. The Polish anti-submarine aircraft PZL-Mielec М-28В1 Rbi regularly performs overflights of the work area at low altitude and a close distance from the pipe-laying vessel”.

Besides, on February 22, a Polish fishing boat rammed a Nord Stream 2 support vessel off the coast of Denmark while laying pipeline, according to construction operator Nord Stream 2 AG.

“The Polish fishing vessel SWI-106 entered the protection zone from the southern direction. Repeated attempts to establish radio contact with him were unsuccessful. In this situation, the supply vessel “Vladislav Strizhev” was forced to enter the pushback course, due to which SWI-106 made a bulk on the “Vladislav Strizhev,” was said in the statement.

The Polish vessel has pleaded guilty to entering a protected zone and striking another boat. If not for the supply vessel’s decisive actions, the blow would have hit the pipe-laying barge, Fortuna.

Forsided, 01.04.2021

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