The Researcher’s Warning About Mass Vaccination is Branded As “False Information” By Facebook

Facebook has classified Belgian vaccine researcher Geert Vanden Bossche‘s warning about mass vaccinations against COVID-19 as “false information.” Swedish newspaper Samnytt talked to Bossche. According to him, FB’s warning “is based on straws and deliberate misunderstandings”.

“It’s problematic when people don’t want to understand that what’s being told to them,” a Belgian vaccine researcher said.

On March 8, Samnytt published an article about a researcher who has previously worked for the Bill and Melinda at the Gates Foundation and the Foundation’s Global Vaccine Program. Bossche had recently warned that the ongoing “mass vaccination” against COVID-19 could lead to a “global public health catastrophe”.

And it wasn’t long before Facebook marked the news as “misinformation” and “is verified by independent fact-checkers”. Anyone who clicks on the Facebook link will be directed to an article on “Lead stories” and “fact-checking” written by former CNN reporter Dana Ford.

“Vaccines work and it’s not true that mass vaccinations can make a pandemic worse,” the Lead-stories article says.

There will also be some other consequences that follow from such a selection. Among other things, the exposure of all Samnytt’s articles in Facebook’s feeds is reduced.

When Samnytt contacted Geert Vanden Bosschhe, he seems to be frustrated by his warning from reception.

“What can be said about that? This is problematic when people don’t want to understand what is being said. It seems like I need to continue my interviews so that some of them will eventually understand,” he says.

One of those interviewed in the Lead Stories article who rejects the Belgian researcher’s warnings is Taiwanese virologist Otto Yang, who works at David Geffen Medical School at the University of California.

“Do you really want me to comment on this brilliant doctor?” Vanden Bossche asks sarcastically.

Forsided, 02.04.2021
Source: Samnytt 

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